Many of our clients have broken item, items that have been inherited, or items they simply don’t wear anymore. Often we can create a new design that gives new life to your gemstones or you can use the value of these item toward a new piece. If you prefer we will make you a no pressure cash offer. There is never a charge for the inspection or providing a verbal estimate.

Things we buy

  • Scrap gold and gold coins – These can be any broken or unwanted items typically these are valued based on the current precious metals market.
  • Estate items – We are active buyers of vintage items
  • Scrap silver, Silver Coins, and flatware – all half dollars, Quarters and dimes minted before 1965 are 90% silver. Most silver Jewelry and silver serving items are 92.5% silver. With rare exceptions these items are valued based on the current precious metal market.
  • Silver Dollars 1794 to 1935 – These coins were minted in 90% silver and many of them are valued based on the value of the metal. These however have become popular with collectors therefore based on condition, key dates and mint marks some of these coins can yield a significant premium.
  • Diamonds – In most cases diamonds less the ½ carat are valued at a low price per carat due to the cost of removing them from the current setting and resetting them into a new piece of jewelry. Diamonds over ½ carat will be inspected and we are happy to make a no pressure offer.

We Sell:

  • Gold and Silver Coins – While our primary business is Jewelry, Jewelry Design, and Jewelry Repair we can offer bullion coins in any quantity. Gold and silver have historically been seen as safe investments in times of uncertainty.
  • Diamonds – We carry a large selection of natural diamonds ( mined from the earth ) Lab Grown diamonds, and Estate Diamonds. While every diamond has unique characteristics that determine the market value. We closely monitor the wholesale markets and on line sources to make sure we are providing you the most competitive prices possible.
  • Estate Jewelry – the definition of estate jewelry is that it has been previously owned. These items can be a few years old to well over 100 years old. As these have been previously owned we sell them at 50% off their current market Value.
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